We have a confession to make - we're not vegetarians. But, we recognize the impact our food choices have on our society and world. We've made a commitment to make more conscious decisions with our food and we invite you to join us in enjoying our less-impactful food.


Before placing your order, here are some FAQs to help you understand how we operate: 

How does this work? 

You order meals (in increments of 5). We make the meals and ship them to your door via FedEx in an insulated package. We strive to fulfill your order as fast as possible; your order typically leaves our facility on the next business day and is in transit for 2-3 business days. We offer bulk discounts for each increment of 5 you order at a time.

How do the meals come? 

The meals arrive frozen. We flash freeze our meals after production to lock in nutritional value and extend shelf life. Our meals are good for six months when kept in your freezer. Meals leave our facility frozen, packed on dry ice in a recycled, insulated box. By the time the meals arrive, they will not always be frozen solid. Place the meals immediately in the freezer. The meals can be heated straight from the freezer or you can thaw them in the refrigerator up to 24 hours before consuming.  

What's the best way to heat the meals? 

We recommend taking the meals out of the freezer a day before you plan to eat them and store them in the refrigerator. This will begin to "slack out" the meal and allow it to reheat more evenly. Though a majority of meals are heated directly from frozen. Watch our heating instructions HERE.

Can I customize a meal on your menu? 

No. In order to keep cost low, we make our food in large batches. This prevents us from making modifications to individual meals such as "no onions" or "extra protein".

Is all your food Organic and Non-GMO? 

No. While some of our ingredients include these titles. We do not use these buzzwords to sell our food. In our experience, our industry misleads consumers by using trendy adjectives (Organic, All-Natural, Non-GMO) to sell more of their products. Some of these adjectives are not defined or strictly-enforced by the USDA or FDA, allowing producers to slap labels on their food that may or may not have any truthful substance. In-season, we are able to obtain local or organic vegetables to use in our products but out-of-season we have to be more flexible to keep our food priced affordably. We believe in eating food in balanced proportions, in its most natural state and that's what we cook for you. 

When do you ship?

Our goal is to get you your food as fast as possible. Our transit times are dictated by FedEx. Below is a map of time-in-transit from our facilities. 



What are your shipping options?

All product is shipped FREE on FedEx Ground. By not offering expedited shipping, we are able to keep prices reasonable.

How do I know if my meals are good to eat on arrival?

If you have a question about the temperature of your food upon arrival, immediately place in the freezer. Then, contact our support. While the majority of our food will arrive frozen, the product is still ok if it arrives cold. 

Is this bad for the environment?

We're doing our best! We use post-recycled cardboard and plastic and encourage you to recycle (or reuse) it again. Our insulators are made from blue-jean production scraps (cut them open, it's cool). They can be recycled with cotton clothing. We use dry ice that's captured from "recycled" carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of other product manufacturing. Find out more about our sustainability HERE.

What quality standards are kept at your facility? 

We are an FDA-inspected meal production company (one of very, very few). 

Can you accommodate food allergies?

Our allergen information is listed. Please be advised that all of our food is made on shared equipment in the same facility. While we take steps to sanitize between allergens, cross-contamination is likely. Also note that just because an allergen is not on our current menu, it does not mean it is not present in our facility.

Refund and Return Policy:

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns. In the event you receive an incorrect or damaged order, we will first attempt to replace the order. If circumstances make that impossible, we will refund your order.

Still Have Questions?:

Email us at support@hipmeals.com